GRS Ambassadors Team

In GRS we believe that every happy user will motivate others to try-and-buy our stocks. We have been spreading the GRS word through our growing global network of ambassadors, an extension of the GRS team and spirit. Here they are:

Caroline Schack


Meet Caroline! She is an outdoor enthusiast, hunter and shooter from Denmark.

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Christoffer Zetterdal


Meet Christoffer Zetterdal. He was our first ambassador in Sweden and knows how to wield his GRS Bifrost with consistent, deadly accuracy!

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GRS Ambassador Elisabeth Idland

Elisabeth Idland


We started working with Elisabeth in 2018, she is mainly hunting in Norway and is very active on social media.

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Gunnar and Alma at Hunting Iceland


Our Ambassadors from Iceland, the beautiful country of Fire and Ice.

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GRS Riflestocks ambassador - Janne Svihus

Janne Svihus


Janne Svihus was one of the GRS ambassadors we started working with in 2016. She hunts so much she is making the GRS team jealous.

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Joakim Pettersen


We have worked with Joakim since 2015, he is a active hunter and his passion is Roebuck hunting in Scotland.

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Knut Erik Rognes Grs Ambassador Ii 2

Knut Erik Rognes


Knut Erik Rognes was the first ambassador we brought on back in 2012, a serious long range shooter.

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Martin Balke - GRS Ambassador

Martin Balke


Martin is a serious hunter, who test all gear to the limit!

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Matt Dubber

South Africa

Matt is our Ambassador for South Africa, you need to check out his Youtube channel to see all his hunting and shooting videos!

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Mina Von Mengden

Austria Germany

NEW AMBASSADOR 2019! We are excited to start working with Mina!

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Team Karhukopla


The Fearless Finnish Bear Hunters

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Tomasz Adamkowicz


New ambassador in Poland!

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Viivi Mutanen


New ambassador in Finland!

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