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One of our earlier sources of motivation was to see that as our focused work progressed, very interesting and focused people rose above the background and became natural GRS ambassadors. We started reaching out to those that were naturally carrying GRS's core values as much as they carry our GRS products when they go out to hunt and shoot. We are proud to present to you our GRS Ambassadors.


Caroline Schack, Denmark

Meet Caroline Schack. She is an outdoor enthusiast, hunter, and shooter from Denmark. She has been hunting for over 12 years and loves to cook wild meat in nature over the bonfire. She is always seeking adventures in the wildlife and shares it all on her blog and Instagram.

Caroline uses the GRS Sporter stock.

Caroline on Instagram
Caroline's Blog


Photo of Caroline Schack, GRS Ambassador
Photo of Caroline Schack, GRS Ambassador
Photo of Caroline Schack, GRS Ambassador

Matt Dubber, South Africa

Matt Dubber is GRS’s ambassador in South Africa, the planet’s dreamland of hunters. He is an amazing storyteller and runs one of the most entertaining YouTube channels in the hunting world.

He got his hands on his first GRS stock in the IWA 2016 expo and has been on our team ever since – in 2018 we hosted him in Norway for the launch of our Bifrost rifle stock, and you’ll easily find his impressions on GRS headquarters and surroundings on his gloriously fun YouTube channel.

He’s very active on Instagram too, and a natural-born pedagogue, we follow him attentively and know you’ll not be disappointed if you do too.

Matt uses the GRS Sporter and GRS Warg

Matt on Instagram
Matt on Youtube


Photo of Matt Dubber, GRS Ambassador in South Africa
Matt Dubber in his workshop
Photo of Matt Dubber, GRS Ambassador in South Africa

Janne Svihus, Norway

Janne Svihus joined the GRS tribe as a brand ambassador in 2016 because all things she did with the #grsriflestocks tag were getting a lot of attention and traction.

Her posts are always stunning, and her love for outdoor, adventurous life is evident in everything she does - if there's a poster person for the lifestyle that we enjoy in GRS, Janne is it.

She’s a keen hunter and fisher and an expert user of her Berserk and Hunter Light – check out her Instagram account, and you’ll be treated with amazing images of the results she brings home.

Janne is using the GRS Bifrost and GRS Hunter Light.

Janne on Instagram


Photo of Janne Svihus, with GRS Bifrost
Janne Svihus
Photo of Janne Svihus, with GRS Bifrost

Christoffer Zetterdal, Sweden

Christoffer Zetterdal was the first Swedish hunter/shooter that carried our GRS ambassadorship flag.

He’s a lifelong adventurer and a keen hunting-dog owner – and shares brilliant photos of their outings in his Instagram account and YouTube channel. We keep a close eye on his adventurous Social Media postings, and he’s never ceased to amaze us with great photos of his hunting results with our GRS Bifrost.

Christoffer is using the GRS Bifrost 

Christoffer on Instagram
Christoffer in Youtube


Photo of Christoffer Zetterdal
Christoffer Zetterdal hunting
Photo of Christoffer Zetterdal

Elisabeth Idland, Norway

Elisabeth is an active hunter with both Rifle, shotgun, and she loves fishing. Another of her hobbies is being a photographer, and that shows on her Instagram account. Excellent photos!

Elisabeth hunts Red deer, Elk, Beaver, and many other species.
She started out with the Berserk, moved over to the Bifrost, and is now also using the Hunter Light in pink/blue This color was a limited edition we produced last year.

She is using the GRS Berserk and GRS sporter

Elisabeth on Instagram


Joakim Pettersen, Norway

We have worked with Joakim Pettersen since 2015; He is an active hunter and outdoorsman.

The Roebuck hunting in Scotland is one of his favorites, as well as hunting roaring stags in the hills of Norway's finest fjords.
He is also a passionate bird hunter, with Grouse, black grouse, and capercaillie as the favorite targets. 

He is using the GRS Bifrost

Joakim on Instagram
Joakim on Blog


Viivi Mutanen, Finland

Viivi started her hunting career at a young age. She was 14 years old when she completed the hunter's qualifications. Viivi mainly hunts in southern Finland with her hunting team. She hunts a variety of big-game such as moose, roedeers, small-game like hares, small predators, waterfowls, basically everything that you can hunt in the Finish forests; however, if she had to pick a favorite game, it would be the whitetail. The driven hunts after whitetails with Dachshunds is the most exciting, she claims. For Viivi, hunting has become a lifestyle. She takes great pride in the wildlife management of her hunting grounds and enjoys harvesting from nature.

Vivi uses the GRS Sporter

Vivi on Instagram


Martin Balke, Germany

Professional hunter and forest engineer, dog keeper and dog trainer, member of the team Deutscher Jagdblog.

Managing a big range of hunting sites including all sorts of big-game. Loves to hunt in a team. Especially the barbecue with hunted venison and socializing is a prior part of team hunting. Sharing experiences and skills is also the main target!

Specialized in hunting with dogs, driven hunts and stalking, working on blood tracks.

Marin is using the GRS Berserk, GRS Bifrost, and GRS Sporter

Martin on Blog


Mina Von Mengden, Austria & Germany

Mina has the most beautiful surrounding in Austria, hand hunts most of the Year!
She is using the GRS Sporter stock on her Heym SR30 rifle in 300WM. The main species they hunt are Roe and Red deer along with Chamois. Her Instagram is filled with beautiful pictures. Mina is an active hunter and flyfisher.

She is using the GRS Sporter

Mina on Instagram


Gunnar and Alma, Iceland

Gunnar and Alma joined the GRS ambassadors in 2018.
They live in beautiful Iceland, and they hunt the game available there for meat. They are also eager predator hunters!
Their Instagram account is filled with breathtaking photos of their hunts.

They are using the GRS Bifrost

Gunnar and Almas Instagram