Christoffer Zetterdal

Christoffer Zetterdal, our first ambassador in Sweden, he wields his GRS Bifrost with deadly accuracy!

Christoffer Zetterdal

I am not exaggerating when I am telling you that Christoffer has been hunting ever since his rifle was as long as he was tall. Even though he prefers bringing his four dogs when hunting, he is also spending a decent amount of hours when hunting alone, stalking his prey. Wild boar, red deer, moose, predators, you name it, Zetterdal is always up for a new challenge.

Please check out his instagram and YouTube channel, It is really worth the time!

The Setup Christoffer is using:

Blaser R8 caliber 8x57js and 270win

Grs Bifrost

Noblex optics

Stalon Silencers

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