Martin Balke - GRS Ambassador

Martin Balke

Martin is a serious hunter, who test all gear to the limit!

Professional hunter and forest engineer, dog keeper and dog trainer, member of the team Deutscher-Jagdblog .

Managing a big range of hunting sites including all sorts of big game. Loves to hunt in a team. Especially the barbecue with hunted venison and socializing is a prior part of team hunting. Sharing experiences and skills is also the main target!

Specialized on hunting with dogs, driven hunts and stalking, working on blood tracks.


1. Remington 700 30.06 - GRS Berserk

2. Tikka T3 30.06 - GRS Bifrost

3. Blaser R 8 .308 - GRS Sporter

Using different scopes on the rifles depending on the job. Fabrics of Minox, Schmidt&Bender, Zeiss, and Trijicon.
See his Instagram account Deutscher_Jagdblog, webpage and FB account for more information.

Martin is looking forward to sharing adventures from the outdoors!

Ambassador for GRS Bifrost

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