Team Karhukopla

The Fearless Finnish Bear Hunters

Team Karhukopla

Team Karhukopla is a big game hunting team from eastern Finland, founded in 2011. The Karhukopla crew equipped their rifles with the GRS Bifrost, and explained to me why, "When dealing with dangerous game, like bear and wild boar, you have to trust the equipment you use, it must be high quality. We use Blaser direct pull rifles with GRS Bifrost stocks. The Bifrost stock is perfect because of its many features. The same weapon fits well for both the fast-paced hunting, as well as shooting capercaillie out of the treetops at long distances."

I know for a fact that the Finnish bear hunters always attaches cameras to their Bifrost picatinny rails when hunting, check out the thrilling hunting videos here!
And don't miss out on the Instagram pics!

Team Karhukopla setup:

Blaser R8

GRS Bifrost

Lapua ammunition

Leica optics

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