Sako Quad GRS Sporter

Sako Quad 22LR. Step it up with a GRS stock!

The Sako Quad is a excellent piece of engineering, perfect for plinking and competition!


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CZ 452 and CZ 455, the affordable workhorse

Everone has heard about the CZ rimfire rifles, many of you have them, this is why we like them so much.

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GRS Ancshutz rifle

We Love 22 LR and 17 HMR rifles! Our top pics :)

GRS make stocks for several rimfire rifles and we see the volume of stocks increasing, why is this so popular?

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GRS Merchandise

Earlier this year we launched the beginning of our GRS merchandise program and we have already released a few great products. Here's a chance to catch up on our fabulous stuff released so far:

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GRS VersaPod_3[1]

Versa-Pod Spigot For GRS Bifrost.

The spigot fits the original and Versa-Pod style attachment bipods. It is very easy to install!

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Skjermbilde 2018-12-17 kl. 09.29.43

GRS Bifrost for Tikka T3/T3X/CTR/CTRX

We have been made aware that the Bifrost for Tikka T3/T3X/CTR/CTRX inlet is in need of a modification.

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Skjermbilde 2018-12-17 kl. 09.28.29

GRS Bifrost - how to mount your GRS Bifrost

Eivind shows you how to mount your GRS BIFROST in this video.

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Skjermbilde 2018-12-17 kl. 09.27.14

GRS Bifrost features and adjustments

The GRS Bifrost is the most rigid and toughest stock we have ever made. And it comes with more features and clever details. Eivind takes you through all of its features and adjustments in this video.

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Skjermbilde 2019-01-08 kl. 13.56.22

GRS factory tour - how a rifle stock is made

The laminate and composite rifle stocks from GRS are something quite special. But how are they made? Matt Dubber spoke with our chief in command, Oscar Haugen. The result is a beautiful video where you can take a look behind the scenes.

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