GRS Ragnarok is here

The GRS Ragnarok is a chassis stock made for the long range shooters, the shooters who uses front mounted Night vision/ thermal imaging equipment or top mounted bipods. GRS Ragnarok will only be available in Blaser R8, R8 Left hand, R93 and R93 Left hand rifles (R93 available in Q2). The Ragnarok is made to fit the Blaser Professional rifles and you use the original magazines.

This stock has the same rear stock as the Bifrost and is fitted with a new foldable hinge as standard. Main body of the Ragnarok is made from 6063 hard anodized aluminium. The fore end has the same features and accessories as the Warg fore end.


GRS Ragnarok_RightView_Rifle_Blaser R8_1000px-1

GRS Ragnarok_LeftView_Rifle_Blaser R8


Specifications GRS Ragnarok