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GRS Glass bedding kits

The GRS Glass bedding kit is made for using with our laminate product series.

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GRS Spigot adapter

GRS Spigot to Picatinny adapter for use with our Warg and Ragnarok stocks.

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GRS Campfire Mug

Enjoying a coffee or tea with your buddies by the bonfire is one of the best parts of hunting. GRS campfire mug is a handy mug of the highest quality.

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GRS Femund knife - GRS Riflestocks

GRS Femund Knife

GRS Femund is a solid all-round knife, and best part - it matches your GRS rifle stock!

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GRS Safety vest - GRS Riflestocks

GRS Safety Vest

Safety is important when you are hunting. GRS safety vest makes you visible and safe while doing what you love most!

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GRS Beanie - GRS Riflestocks

GRS Beanie 514

GRS Beanie for chilly days in the wild.

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GRS Rear Bag - GRS Riflestocks

GRS Rear Bag

The best way to shoot with bipods? Add a GRS Rear bag!

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Grs Ragnarok Rightview Rifle Blaser R8

GRS Bag Rider

GRS Bag Rider for use with our Bifrost, Warg, Ragnarok and Bolthorn stocks.

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GRS Maintenance oil - GRS Riflestocks

GRS Maintenance oil

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GRS Versa-Pod Spigot

GRS Bifrost Spigot for VersaPod

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GRS Height Adustable Recoil Pad mounted onto a GRS Hunter with a standard 0.5 inch GRS Limbsaver.

GRS Height adjustable recoil pad

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GRS Limbsaver 1 inch Recoil Pad mounted onto a GRS Berserk with a GRS Height Adustable Recoil Pad.

GRS Limbsaver 1" recoil pad

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