GRS Bag Rider

The GRS Rear Bag is made to fit the rear Picatinny Rail on our Bifrost, warg, Ragnarok and Bolthorn rifle stock models.
Made in anodized aluminium it is very durable and easy to install.

  • Take the locking screw out of the GRS bag rider.
  • Slide it on to the rear Picatinny rail.
  • Line up the screw hole with the slot in the Picatinny rail.
  • Insert the screw, tighten the screw, it does not need much torque to fasten.
  • Click here to see the installation video

The GRS Bag rider gives you a much better "less friction" surface towards using your GRS Rear Bag, and it helps to give the rifle a more even recoil transfer into your shoulder. This shows on the target!

Shoot straight!

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  • Made from 6063 aluminium
  • Width 30 mm
  • Height 14 mm
  • Length 150 mm
  • Weight 97 gram

Master Your GRS Product |Rear Bag Rider Installation Instructions

How to install your new GRS Rear Bag Rider for even better shooting results


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