GRS Glass bedding kits

The GRS glass bedding kit is made for use with our laminate stocks such as Hunter, Sporter, Hybrid, X Eater, and Blanks. The kit is available as consumer size with 2X 75-gram components, and a 2x 500-gram component version for gunsmiths.

We always recommend glass bedding of laminate stocks to get maximum accuracy in your rifle and stock combination.
If you are shooting magnum calibers such as 300 Winchester magnum, you need to glass bed your rifle, if you do not the warranty will be void.

Why glass bed?

With few exceptions our GRS laminate stocks are drop-in inlets, so why do we recommend glass bedding?
The answer is simple. Contact surfaces. The better the contact surfaces you have, the better grip the stock has to transfer recoil evenly into the stock. There is no hiding a laminate stock's inlet has minor unevenness from the tool that milled out the inlet, making the contact to the action setting on the ridges or highest point in the inlet. When the gunsmith glass beds the stock, he removes the top layer of laminate, then uses the epoxy glass bedding between the laminate and the action, the epoxy then gives a perfect fit between action and stock. A glass bedding should be monotonous, with no bubbles of air in it. When the bedding is done correctly the transfer of recoil is even and consistent, which is a crucial part of obtaining accuracy with your rifle.

Glass bedding should be done by qualified gunsmiths!

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  • Resin 75 gram, hardener 75 gram (consumer size)
  • Resin 500 gram, hardener 500 gram (gunsmith size)
  • Black and Brown color dye
  • Release agent
  • Measuring spoon, mixing cup, wood spatula and latex gloves


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