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Fiberglass reinforced composite material
Available in black color
Right hand stock
Length of Pull : 13.19 in - 14.37 in (33.5 cm - 36.5 cm)
Adjustment on cheek-piece : 1.18 in (30 mm)
Total length : 29.92 in (76 cm)
Forend width : 2.28 in (58 mm)
Weight : 3.09 lb (1.4 kg) in the Tikka T3 inlet
Recommended torque settings : 4,06 ft·lb (5.5 Nm)



Additional features include:
GRS SpeedLock adjustment
0.5" GRS LimbSaver Airtech recoil pad
Flush cup sling mounts and sling loops
Two sling mount mounted
Grip and forend with rubber grip surfaces for better grip in wet conditions
Optional extra feature: Height adjustable recoil pad








The GRS Berserk is built from a proprietary combination of high-end fiberglass composites to achieve the best characteristics of weight, resillience and ruggedness – all of the fiberglass composites we use have the highest ISO ratings and are typically used in engineering situations in which the room for failure is as close to zero as possible, namely in stressed functional parts for the automotive industry and other types of high responsibility parts.








Our first composite rifle stock and still a favorite among the GRS crowd. In 2015, this was the start of a new tradition at GRS. And the natural next step following our increasingly successful laminate products. The composite version of our tried and tested laminate Sporter. We wanted to create a stock that would retain all the multi-use aspects of the Sporter, but with the extremely rugged characteristics offered by the use of fiberglass reinforced composites - hence the name Berserk - an already fine-tuned tool, just extra hardened for combat. Maintenance free, simple to operate - and super tough. Comes standard with features like flush cups, QR sling mounts and front sling stud for bipods. Bag rider friendly rear stock and a meaty, rubberized forend. In the Berserk, almost all the geometry, looks and size are equal to that of the laminate Sporter. We used a slightly tweaked version of our original spring loaded Speedlock system so that you'd still be able to adjust the length of pull and cheek height in a simple and tool free manner. We also included our ergonomic GRS grip - offset and angled - and this time around with a rubberized surface. The full forend received the same rubberized treatment, adding maximum friction to an already extremely comfortable shooting experience. Unlike the laminates, the Berserk comes with flush cups and quick release sling mounts in addition to a traditional front sling stud for bipod mounting. Like it's laminate counterpart the rear stock of the Berserk is ready for prone shooting action with its weak hand "hook" and generous rear bag surface area.

Start a new tradition with the GRS Berserk. Now, your turn has come to create those memories.








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Photo of GRS Longrange, Oscar measuring distance with Berserk

Photo of GRS Longrange, Oscar measuring distance with Berserk