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Graphics GRS Bifrost Stories
GRS Bifrost Stories
Graphics GRS Bifrost Stories

Janne Svihus

Janne Svihus was one of the GRS ambassadors we started working with in 2016. She hunts so much she is making the GRS team jealous.

GRS started working with Janne Svihus in 2016. We noticed Jannes pictures on Instagram through her using the @grsriflestocks tag. She is an active hunter, fisher, and outdoorswoman and she has an excellent eye for composing breathtaking photos. It was a pleasure to sign her on as one of the first Ambassadors for the brand. She has used GRS Berserk with superlative results, and you can follow her on Instagram and her blog

Janne is using the following setup:

Tikka T3 rifle caliber 6.5x55
GRS Berserk stock
Swarovski Z8 2.3-18 x 56 Riflescope
Atec Hertz 119 silencer



Image of Janne Svihus instagram account
Janne Svihus instagram account
Image of Janne Svihus instagram account



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