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GRS History

See the brand's development, progression through all models, partners, and more, from the beginning in 2010 until today

  • 2022

  • GRS Fenris ☆2022 <

    Fenris is the new and improved Berserk with a stealth grey color to merge into the surroundings and non-slip vibration-dampening honeycomb grips for a superior look and design.

  • More info on the brand's development and our unique speedlock systems, which is what distinguishes our products from all others, taking shooting to the next level:

  • New webshop

    New webshop

    New webshop launch in January.

  • 2020

  • FX collaboration

    GRS collaborates with FX Airguns to make stocks for their Crown and Dreamline models. These are complete rifles, and GRS does not produce loose stocks for airguns. See here for more information about FX airguns:

  • GRS Bipod ☆2020 <

    GRS Bipod ☆2020 <

    A heavy-duty, rugged, yet simple Bipod that is a natural bi-product of our long-range commitment. Spring operated adjustments in the length adjustment, Lockable side tilt, and pivoting feet for different shooting surfaces.

  • GRS Hunter Light ☆2020 <

    GRS Hunter Light ☆2020 <

    Hunter Light is an upgraded version of the Hunter to offer a shorter and lighter stock to the young hunters, alpine hunters, and others looking for the most lightweight setup possible.

  • GRS Warg ☆2020 <

    GRS Warg ☆2020 <

    The GRS Warg stock gives you the best of two worlds. Fully adjustable & ergonomic, and the best features of a rigid chassis stock fore-end.

  • GRS Ragnarok ☆2020 <

    GRS Ragnarok ☆2020 <

    Ragnarok is a chassis stock made for long-range shooters and is the superior shooting platform from GRS.

  • 2019

    You can now get GRS products in over 50 countries worldwide

  • GRS Bifrost ☆2019 <

    GRS Bifrost ☆2019 <

    Bifrost is designed to be stronger yet more ergonomic than any previous stock released before. It is the most adjustable and lightweight of the composite stocks.

  • 2017

    Our products are available in over 40 countries, mainly in Europe.

  • GRS Sporter ☆2017 <

    GRS Sporter ☆2017 <

    Seeing the success and appreciation for Berserks's body, the Sporter was made based on the same shapes and size taking over for Sporter Varmint and Decima Sporter.

  • GRS Hunter ☆2017 ✞2020

    GRS Hunter ☆2017 ✞2020

    As with the Sporter, the Hunter was a combination of the Adjustable Hunter and Decima Hunter to meet the customer's needs. It was in the assortment until we launched the GRS Hunter Light.

  • GRS Femund Knife ☆2017 ✞

    GRS Femund Knife ☆2017 ✞

    Was produced until 2019 in all eight laminate colors.

  • GRS Bolthorn ☆2016 ✞2020

    GRS Bolthorn ☆2016 ✞2020

    Many years of military long-range shooting experience lay behind the development of this stock. It was made for long-range prone shooting and specially designed to minimize recoil.

  • GRS Berserk ☆2016 ✞2022

    GRS Berserk ☆2016 ✞2022

    The Berserk stock has all the adjustability you need. It makes you take quick, accurate shots and gives you 100% control.

  • GRS Decima Sporter ☆2016 ✞2018

    GRS Decima Sporter ☆2016 ✞2018

    Feedback on too thick grip and too long length of pull on Sporter Varmint made us develop the smaller Decima Sporter. We phased them both out when we launched the Sporter.

  • GRS Decima Hunter ☆2016 ✞2018

    GRS Decima Hunter ☆2016 ✞2018

    Same as Decima Sporter, the Decima Hunter was a slimmer version of the Adjustable Hunter. We produced it until the until Hunter was developed.

  • 2015

    GRS distributes to about 20 contries.

  • Innovation award

    Innovation award

    GRS won the Founder of the year award by Innovation Norway.

  • GRS Adjustable hunter ☆2015 ✞2020

    GRS Adjustable hunter ☆2015 ✞2020

    Taking the features from the Sporter-Varmint stock, we created a solution for the hunter wanting an adjustable rifle stock with classic lines.

  • GRS Safari ☆2015 ✞2019

    GRS Safari ☆2015 ✞2019

    A stock made for shooting with big-bore rifles and was slightly broader than the standard stock.

  • GRS Hybrid ☆2015 ✞2023

    GRS Hybrid ☆2015 ✞2023

    The Hybrid was designed for long-range shooting with the rear stock formed for shooting with our rear bag to shoot accurately on extended ranges.

  • X-Eater ☆2015 ✞2019

    X-Eater ☆2015 ✞2019

    A redesign of the F Class to meet new regulations in the FTR and F class Open laws.

  • 2013

  • F Class ☆2013  ✞2015

    F Class ☆2013 ✞2015

    The first F class stock GRS designed and was developed with the Norwegian champions in F class.

  • 2011

    GRS Riflestocks is established as an official trademark.

  • GRS Long range ☆2011 ✞2015

    GRS Long range ☆2011 ✞2015

    GRS Riflestocks is established as an official trademark.

  • GRS Biathlon ☆2011 ✞2016

    GRS Biathlon ☆2011 ✞2016

    The GRS Biathlon was a cooperation between the Norwegian Biathlon school in Stryn and GRS. Fully adjustable, with a solution made of Laminate wood and Aluminium component.

  • GRS Sporter Varmint ☆2011

    GRS Sporter Varmint ☆2011

    Born in the winter of 2010, GRS sponsored the Norwgian championship in field target shooting.

  • 2010

    GRS was founded

    GRS was founded

    In March 2010, we delivered our first GRS stocks, distributing to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.