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Weight : 3.196 lb (1.45 kg) (+/- 10%, depending on weapon inlet)
Length of Pull : 13.189 in - 14.37 in (33.5 - 36.5 cm)
Total length : 29.92 in (76 cm)
Forend width : 2.08 in (53 mm)
Oiled finish
Birch Laminate
0.5" Limbsaver/GRS recoil pad
SpeedLock adjustment
1.18 in (30 mm) adjustment on Length of Pull and cheek-piece
We recommend the use of Glass Bedding
Available in Right hand and Left hand stocks
Available in 6 colours
Varmint barrel contour











The GRS Hunter is made of high-quality birch laminate. Birch laminate is more resilient and stable when exposed to moisture and in wet environments, and each layer of our birch laminates is quality-checked before making it into the laminate block. Our birch laminate models are sold in 6 different colors.









We developed the GRS Hunter as a stock that would have all the qualities we need when hunting. .

Cheek contact is essential for shooting accurately. When your cheek rests correctly on the stock, you find the cross-hairs faster and consistently. Consistency = Accuracy.
We equipped the GRS Hunter with push-button adjustments, making it very easy for you to find the correct height while shooting. The adjustment allows also to drop the cheek-piece down easier removal of the bolt while cleaning the rifle.

On your GRS Hunter stock, you can adjust the length of pull by simply pushing one button - a critical factor when you shoot in different positions. The settings for your Length of Pull will be different depending if you'll be sitting, standing, or shooting up and downhill. The same happens if you wear thicker clothing or shoot with a backpack on. With the GRS Hunter, all adjustments are just one button push away.







Meet our HUNTER ambassadors and check out their content, or visit our own HUNTER oriented tutorials, our HUNTER shooting tests, our HUNTER photos, as well as press reviews and client testimonials. on this superlative rifle stock

Photo of GRS Oscar Haugen Hunting in the woods of Norway, Hunter stock

Photo of GRS Oscar Haugen Hunting in the woods of Norway, Hunter stock
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