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GRS Spacer Kit

The GRS spacer kit mounted!

Tailor your GRS Hunter Light with our spacer kit. Add this to your Hunter Light order, and we will mount the preferred spacers for your need.

1 spacer mounted: 33,5 cm LOP
2 spacer mounted: 34,5 cm LOP
3 spacer mounted: 35,5 cm LOP

Spacer Kit made to adjust your length of pull on your GRS Hunter Light stock. In hunting, just as every ounce matters, every inch counts – Developed to grow the Length of Pull of your Hunter Light in increments of 0.4 in (1 cm).

Specifications for accessories
Fits the models Hunter Light
Material Composite
Weight 0.13 lb (61 grams)
Length 0.4 in (10mm)