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Birch Laminate
Oiled finish
Available in six colors
Length of Pull : 13.19 in - 14.37 in (33.5 - 36.5 cm)
Cheek-piece adjustment : 1.1 in (28 mm)
Total length : 29.92 in (76 cm)
Forend width 2.09 in (53 mm)
Weight : 3.54 lb (1.6 kg) (+/- 10% depending on weapon inlet)



Other features include:
0.5" LimbSaver GRS recoil pad
SpeedLock adjustment










The GRS Sporter is made of high-quality birch laminate. Birch laminate is more resilient and stable when exposed to moisture and in wet environments, and each layer of our birch laminates is quality-checked before making it into the laminate block. Our birch laminate models are sold in 6 different colors.









The GRS Sporter was our initial offering - and soon after became the "father" of all our other products. Every other model we have ever made carries elements derived from the Sporter - in their pure or refined form. It is still the most versatile rifle stock we have made on the laminate side of the product line. We developed it to excel in a variety of uses, to be an all-rounder - a jack-of-all-trades. The contour of the rear stock is ideal for using your GRS rear bag, The classic "hook" can be used for securing the stock to the shoulder with your weak hand. Both features which makes it an excellent stock for prone shooting. When on your feet, the lowered and full forearm creates a steady platform for shooting off-hand. The front sling swivel is also perfect for attaching your bipod. Tool free adjustments for length of pull and cheek piece height allows a proper fit in a quick and simple manner - both using our proprietary SpeedLock adjustment system. The ergonomic GRS grip, offset and angled, offers unsurpassed relaxation and shooting comfort.

Ergonomically and visually, the GRS Sporter in laminate is very much the “father” of our fiberglass composite GRS Berserk and GRS Bifrost stocks, and resembles them both in size and shape.







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Photo of GRS Sporter on Longrange, Complete rifle

Photo of GRS Sporter on Longrange, Complete rifle