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Fiberglass reinforced body
Available in three colors
Right hand stock. Tikka inlets are available in left hand
Length Of Pull : 13.78 in - 14.96 in (35 - 38 cm)
Cheek-piece adjustment : 1.18 in (30 mm)
Total length : 31.34 in - 31.77 in (79.6 - 80.7 cm based on system)
Forend width : 1.65 in (42 mm)
Weight : 2.97 lb (1.35 kg) in Tikka T3 inlet
Recommended torque settings : 4,06 ft·lb (5.5 Nm)



Other features include:
GRS SpeedLock 2.0 adjustment system
0.5” GRS LimbSaver Airtech recoil pad
Flush cup sling mounts and sling loops
One sling mount on the front stock
1 Picatinny rail on the rear stock
2 pcs. quick detachable flush cup sling mounts








The GRS Warg is built from a proprietary combination of high-end fiberglass composites to achieve the best characteristics of weight, resillience and ruggedness – all of the fiberglass composites we use have the highest ISO ratings and are typically used in engineering situations in which the room for failure is as close to zero as possible, namely in stressed functional parts for the automotive industry and other types of high responsibility parts.

The forend of the Warg is made of 6063 anodized aluminum.









Our core motivation for the development of the GRS Warg was versatility. The baseline of the Warg is the Bifrost, but with a different front set-up. We believe that the M-Lok forend combined with the already highly adjustable and ergonomic Bifrost stock will offer additional versatility to the GRS shooters. We wanted to be able to use top-mounted bipods, front-mounted Night Vision, lights, cameras - and more. The GRS Warg was initially developed for the long-range shooter, but with the extra possibility of adding rail mounted Night Vision to the setup - we think that the Warg will also be highly suitable to the night hunter. It features the new GRS SpeedLock2 for adjusting length of pull and cheek piece height. The recoil pad is adjustable both in height and cant, which means you will be able to rotate the recoil pad in 5 degree increments around the bore center line - for better shoulder contact and recoil absorption. Basically, all the adjustments you will ever need on a rifle stock come as standard on the Warg. As with the Bifrost, the Warg is also built to handle the recoil generated by all popular calibers, including the heaviest. It features our ergonomic grip, naturally offset and angled for unsurpassed shooting comfort. Rubberized surfaces on both sides of the grip assure gripping confidence under the worst weather conditions.







Meet our WARG ambassadors and check out their content, or visit our own WARG oriented tutorials, our WARG shooting tests, our WARG photos, as well as press reviews and client testimonials. on this superlative rifle stock



Photo of GRS Warg, complete rifle, with GRS Bipod, by Hornindal Lake

Photo of GRS Warg, complete rifle, with GRS Bipod, by Hornindal Lake