Outdoor life, wildlife, life on the edge. Hunting is a time-honored tradition and we at GRS intend to make the hunting experience a lifetime memory.

GRS Riflestocks

Hunters Just Like You

The people in GRS are hunters just like you and for generations we have enjoyed what nature has to offer. Our passion and understanding is reflected clearly in the design of our stocks, and for many years we have developed products specially designed for the sport. We, at GRS, know what is takes to become a true hunter.

The Joy of The Hunt

Increasing the precision of your shot increases the joy of hunting, plain and simple. Our stocks are built with an easy to use system of adjustments - especially useful when you are out hunting and need to quickly adjust the weapon to your shooting position. We have a wide range of rifle stocks with different qualities. Read more about our products and find the stock that suits your particular hunting needs.

GRS Riflestocks Hunting Buck

GRS Hunter Light

GRS Hunter Light. Our newest GRS stock, now in a lighter, sleeker, shorter version!

More about GRS Hunter Light
GRS Ragnarok Rightview Adjustments

GRS Ragnarok

Take your Blaser rifle to the pinnacle of its performance. Simply the best.

More about GRS Ragnarok
GRS Warg Black Rightview Adjustment

GRS Warg

Get the best of two worlds, adjustability, ergonomics, and the best features from a tactical forend. The Warg is a long-range gong killer.

More about GRS Warg

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