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GRS recommends to glass bed all our laminate rifles stocks (Except Sauer 202). The inlet is precisely made with CNC machines, and most models are drop in but we recommend glass bedding non the less. 

In our experience you will get better accuracy by glass bedding the action to the stock, therefore we recommend to do so. Eliminating any possibility of bad accuracy is the name of the game.


  • Schultz & Larsen 
  • Røssler Titan 6
  • Sauer 100
  • Blaser R8 PROFESSIONAL (the max cartridge this is made for is the 338 Blaser magnum)
  • All rifles in magnum calibers


The top three inlets are made to fit the original pillar bedding blocks. These are not provided by GRS, so you need to get a new pair from your local distributor, or use the ones that is in the original stock. The Blaser R8 and R93 stocks are made for the "professional" inlets (not the two piece). These need to be glass bedded in the rear of the action where recoil is absorbed. 

IMPORTANT: If the above mentioned stocks are not glass bedded warranty is not valid.


  • Sauer 202 stocks should never be glass bedded!! if you do it will act like a wedge in the stock and split it. Sauer 202 is no longer available for purchase.
  • ALL rifles in magnum calibers (7mm Remington magnum, 300 and 338 winchester magnum, 375 H&H and cartridges with similar recoil) ALWAYS needs bedding. This is to ensure a tight fit to the stock, helping recoil absorbtion. Magnum rifles has a higher risk of damaging the stock if not bedded than standard cartridges. This is due to the high energy in the recoil. If the stocks are glass bedded there are no problems shooting these calibers.

Any question, please ask your local GRS dealer.