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grs femund knife



GRS Femund

Get the matching knife to your GRS laminate stock.

This has been in our plans for a long time, and they are finally here. We teamed up with Brusletto, one of the best-known knife makers in Norway and created this all around knife.

Available in all 8 laminate colours and in two different sheath styles.

  • Weight: 325 grams (including sheath)
  • Total length knife: 23.5 cm
  • Length blade: 11.5 cm
  • Knife steel: Böhler 690 in HRC58 quality
  • Handle: GRS birch laminate
  • Sheath: Black ox leather with edge block
  • Produced with GRS laminate side panels and a finger guard for safety. 

We chose this knife because of the all-around capability they have, good for chopping wood, skinning a deer, cutting Biltong or turning the steak on the Braai or BBQ. We have tested these knives for 6 months now, and they are outstanding quality. Still sharp as a razor!


Available in stores from the 1st of May 2018. 


Item Numbers


104289GRS Femund - Classic Sheath,  Royal Jacaranda
104286GRS Femund - Classic Sheath, Black
104291GRS Femund - Classic Sheath, Black.Blue
104290GRS Femund - Classic Sheath, Black.Red
104287GRS Femund - Classic Sheath, Brown
104449GRS Femund - Classic Sheath, Black.Green
104448GRS Femund - Classic Sheath, Nordic Wolf
104288GRS Femund - Classic Sheath, Green Mountain Camo
104280GRS Femund - Deep Sheath, Black
104285GRS Femund - Deep Sheath, Black.Blue
104284GRS Femund - Deep Sheath, Black.Red
104283GRS Femund - Deep Sheath, Royal Jacaranda
104281GRS Femund - Deep Sheath , Brown
104282GRS Femund - Deep Sheath ,Green Mountain Camo
104451GRS Femund - Deep Sheath, Black.Green
104450GRS Femund - Deep Sheath, Nordic Wolf



Femund Black

GRS Femund knife, Black

Femund Green Mountain Camo

GRS Femund knife, Green Mountain Camo

Femund Brown

GRS Femund knife, Brown

Femund Royal Jacaranda

GRS Femund knife, Royal Jacaranda

Femund Black red

GRS Femund knife, Black&Red

Femund Black blue

GRS Femund knife, Black&Blue

GRS Deep Sheath_Classic_Tekst_RGB_1000pxl GRS Femund_Packaging