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GRS Campfire mug


GRS Campfire Mug

Classic campfire folding mug

Enjoying a coffee or tea with your buddies by the bonfire during or after a hunt is one of the places you can really relax and is something we all look forward to.

This classic mug with foldable handles looks almost 100% like the one I used for a good decade (except the GRS logo) before I lost it during a hunt in Hornindal. Hopefully, this mug will be a trusted friend on your trips for future hunts.

Fits easily into the backpack or on the outside on a carabiner. The mug can also be used as a small pot if needed, works well with cooking aids, such as Primus or Esbit burners.

Made with an aluminum body and an insulated handle for comfort: Fits 350ML. 

The perfect gift for yourself or your family and friends. 

Item number  850180

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