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Remember to maintain the grs laminate with oil

Autumn is upon us and many of you have taken to the woods hunting. It is important for your GRS laminate stock to be maintained properly with GRS oil to protect the wood in the laminate. The Laminate we use is from Birch wood and like all other wood materials they need to be oiled regularly to prevent moisture to enter the material. We recommend to apply oil 2-3 time a season depending on how much you use it in rainy conditions. If you are using your rifle stock in very dry conditions it is also very important to oil the stock to keep it flexible, if the stock is completely dry it becomes very brittle and it can as a result crack or split (not covered by the warranty). We can clearly see and measure damages from such cases.

GRS Oil can be bought with your local GRS dealer, please follow this procedure when applying oil to the GRS stock.

Use latex or Nitrile Gloves To protect your hands, the oil contains wax and can be tricky to get off.


  • You will get the best result if you remove the action and barrel form the rifle stock.
  • Make sure your stock is dry and clean. If the stock is wet, the moist will be locked inside the stock under the protective layer of oil, this can damage the laminate causing it to de laminate.
  • Shake the bottle of oil for two minutes, there is wax in the oil and this has to be mixed good to obtain best results.
  • Apply a thin even layer of oil, let it soak for two minutes, if areas suck up all the oil, apply more.
  • Wipe off excess oil and make sure to remove any drops, they will harden in the curing process.
  • Burn the rags. If left in a rolled up ball they can self-ignite!!
  • Let the stock dry in room temperature for 12 hours@  20*C before applying layer no two.
  • To obtain the best result use sandpaper between layers, we recommend using 220-320 grained soft paper.
  • Two layers are usually enough.
GRS Maintenance Oil - Leaves - 96dpi - 500pxl 

GRS Maintenance Oil is based on linseed oil. Always burn the rags used in this process, they can selfignite if left alone!
GRS takes no responsibility for accidents when using the oil.

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