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The New Laminate stocks Are Here

These are the New Stocks from GRS available from January 2017:

GRS Hunter and
GRS Sporter

These two new models are replacing the following 2016 models:
GRS Sporter Varmint
GRS Decima Sporter
GRS Adjustable Hunter
GRS Decima Hunter
The new models have a new SpeedLock adjustment system that is 40% stronger in recoil than the previous model. It also stops at the maximum adjustment length so it cannot fall out. LOP is 30 mm. This system is also standard on the Berserk and other laminate models stocks delivered from March 2017. These laminate stock are available in the same 6 coulours and the same inlets that we have delivered before.

The New GRS Sporter and GRS Hunter has the same grip and LOP dimensions as the Berserk stock.

For more information and specifications please go to GRS Hunter and GRS Sporter

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