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As Black Friday knocks on our doors, the pressure for overconsumption reaches its high. Crazy offers, once-in-a-lifetime dealbreakers, coupons. And people are lining up for them.

Our rifle stocks are ment for people with desire, patience and knowledge. Who spend a great deal of attention to details. From our perspective, rifle stocks are not something you should buy on impulse. 

GRS Riflestocks Black Friday from GRS Riflestocks AS on Vimeo.

Therefore, we encourage people to step outside on Black Friday.
Gather your gear and do what pleases you the most.
On the range. In the woods.

But before you do – make sure to maintain your rifle.
So that when the moment is there, you are ready to take it. 

Please view our step-by-step guide on how to maintain your GRS Laminate stock, using the GRS oil.

Best of wishes,

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