Our adventurous ancestors

We Norwegians are proud of our ancestors. The Vikings were explorers who set out from the fjords to the unknown. They traded, plundered and hunted for new land and wealth. The Vikings were known as a hard-shelled people and very good hunters. We want to pay tribute to our ancestors. Therefore, are the names of our products inspired by Norse mythology.

GRS Riflestocks AS is in Hornindal. In the neighbor town Nordfjordeid just 30 minutes from here the biggest Viking ship in Norwegian history was discovered and excavated in 1874 and a replica is now being built, a fantastic 30-meter brute of a ship.

Viking history is all around us and in our blood.


The Vikings were known for their wild appearance and violent temperament. Berserk is the term of a Viking warrior who became furious, full of rage and ready for battle. The term "going berserk" is still common in Norwegian daily language.


In the old Norwegian language bifrost meant the “rainbow bridge”. In Norse mythology, bifrost was referred to as the bridge between the world of God and man. The gods used bifrost as a bridge between their kingdom and the human world. The bridge was magical and only available for the gods.


Bolthorn was the grandfather of Odin. In Norse mythology, Bolthorn was a giant, or so-called jotun. A jotun was seen as the enemy of the main gods. Bolthorn was known as a very skilled warrior and lived high in the mighty mountains of Jotunheimen.