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GRS Bifrost Cheekpiece Spacer 15 mm

SKU: 104441

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Need more elevation on your cheekpiece?

Shooting long-range often means angled bases and high-scope rings. The Bifrost, Warg, and Ragnarok stock have 30mm of adjustment built-in, but this is not enough sometimes to get full cheek contact.

We created a spacer you can mount underneath the cheekpiece to get it higher. Easy to install, this spacer gives you 15mm more adjustment, a total of 45mm from the bottom position. This is, in our experience, more than enough for most cases.

The spacer comes with the needed screws to install it.

Specifications for accessories
Fits the models Bifrost, Warg & Ragnarok
Material Composite
Weight 0.06 lb (25 grams)