Shooting is a precision sport and the margins are thousandths of an inch. As practiced long-range shooters, we at GRS obsess over every little detail - details that make a big difference for you as a shooter.

GRS Riflestocks

Achieve your goals

We at GRS want to make you a better shooter, period. With GRS in your hands, you adjust the stock to your shooting position, instead of adjusting your position to the stock. Good ergonomics are essential to find an optimal shooting position, and with our rifle stocks we focus on ergonomics to the extreme. The next time you hold a GRS rifle stock in your hands, you will know immediately what we mean.

Unique design

The grip has an angle of six percent, so your hand is in a natural position. All of our stocks come with our very own SpeedLock system for adjusting height and length. SpeedLock is easy to use and easy to fine tune. Read more about our products and find the stock that suits your needs.

GRS Riflestocks

GRS Hunter Light

GRS Hunter Light. Our newest GRS stock, now in a lighter, sleeker, shorter version!

More about GRS Hunter Light
GRS Ragnarok Rightview Adjustments

GRS Ragnarok

Take your Blaser rifle to the pinnacle of its performance. Simply the best.

More about GRS Ragnarok
GRS Warg Black Rightview Adjustment

GRS Warg

Get the best of two worlds, adjustability, ergonomics, and the best features from a tactical forend. The Warg is a long-range gong killer.

More about GRS Warg

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