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Strategic Partnerships

Tactical Solutions

"The Winter 2021/2022 Edition Tactical Solutions X-RING VR™ .22LR semi-automatic rifle with GRS Hunter Light stock is manufactured with the highest level of innovative engineering and craftsmanship. This .22 rifle has proven its durability in the field every day with hunters, shooters, and has also won numerous competitive world championship titles: a testament to its inherent accuracy and reliability. The lightweight and durable X-RING VR comes standard with features and benefits far above any other 22 rifle. It comes fully equipped with our world-class X-RING Barrel and X-Ring Receiver, built-in scope rail for optics, an extended magazine release for quick and easy magazine removal, a cleaning port for easy cleaning, a heat-dissipating fluted barrel, a dual guide rod system that provides smooth cycling, and a threaded muzzle to easily attach a silencer or compensator." All images are linked to the respective product for more information.

Unique alpine GmbH

"JPR-1 NORDLAND - THE VERSATILE PROFESSIONAL. Ergonomic perfection meets robustness. Our Nordland covers any demands the modern hunter or competitive shooter has under any environmental condition. To shoot an animal with the ultimate precision is one thing. But not the only thing. For the new generation of hunters, a successful hunt means that the animal can also be used responsibly. The new JPR-1 from Unique Alpine is the ideal gun for these hunters. Equipped with surgical precision, it combines sensible, new technologies with traditional values in gun construction. The result: controlled feed, controlled ejection, 3-position firing on the firing pin and precision values with a 1 MOA (shot with selected factory clearance).

JPR-1 NORDLAND SCOUT - THE EXPERIENCED SPECIALIST Our Nordland Scout with extended workspace. The extended Picatinny rail allows for mounting of thermal/night vision attachments. Be prepared for day and night. For the JPR-1 Nordland we used our experience producing precision rifles and combined it with perfect ergonomics. Harnessing the highest precision, the JPR-1 series combines proven and new technologies with traditional attributes of firearm manufacturing. The result: firearms, which are thought through to the last detail and focusing on the absolute essential according to function and useableness’.

FX Airguns

"The FX Crown MKII brings more power and even more capabilities to an already near-perfect platform. The increased power available in the MKII comes down to a combination of valving, porting, and plenum space. The plenum of the FX Crown MKII has increased 28% over the previous model! This larger plenum (the chamber of compressed air located before the transfer port) works in tandem with the porting and a new larger valve on the MKII (6.5mm valve). The combination provides spectacular results." All images are linked to the respective product for more information. 

Anschutz gmbh

"We offer the full line of 1700 series rifles with both the GRS Sporter Varmint and Hybrid stock direct from the custom shop. We are focusing this year on increasing inventory levels for all models as well as building a few in .22 WMR and .17 Mach 2. 

In the Custom Shop, each rifle receives epoxy bedded of the receiver with a free-floated barrel, tuned bolt and trigger, extended magazine release, hex-keyed action screw, upgraded bolt knob, and aluminum magazine base. The stocks are finished off with a hard wax buffing. 


Sig Sauer

"Sig Sauer SSG 3000 Super target with GRS Bolthorn was equipped with muzzle brake, fluted barrel, picatinny rail incorporated in the action, and folding mechanism." Was for sale until 2019

Savage arms

"Whether you’re looking to beat top long-range shooters or just your personal best, you’ll push precision to the limit with the Model 10 GRS. The rifle houses the full suite of accuracy-enhancing Savage features firmly within a GRS stock made of 15 percent fiberglass-reinforced Durethan®, with 65 percent glass bedding material. The rock-stable stock’s slimmed-down dimensions and textured surfaces provide a better grip in wet conditions, while its length-of-pull can be adjusted to fit any shooter. Its Savage action, precise button rifling, fluted heavy barrel and user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ deliver the accuracy of custom rifles at a fraction of the price. "  All images are linked to the respective product for more information. 

Weatherby Rifles


Browning Arms

"The X-Bolt Pro Long Range GRS is a perfect blend of accuracy, design and ergonomics, whose intricately crafted, adjustable length and pitch laminated-wood stock and even greater firing comfort give you an aggressive style."

Mauser GmbH


Blaser R8 GRS Long Range Produced in 2013-2018 :

The .338 Lapua Magnum displayed superior qualities for trajectory and down range bullet penetration without the erosion of the barrel found in other high velocity calibers. The specific demands of the caliber did however present challenges that many manufacturers could not overcome.

Not so at Blaser. The relentless passion to refine hunting equipment and to offer the broadest caliber selection to shooting enthusiasts and hunters alike led to the modification of R8 magazine/trigger housing in such a way as to easily accommodate the .338 Lapua Magnum.

To maximize the performance characteristics of the caliber, Blaser selected a barrel length of 27 inches (68.5 cm) allowing for optimum balance and weight distribution. In addition to the unique receiverless design of the R8, making it significantly shorter than other rifles with the same barrel length, the R8 is extremely huntable.


bilde fra 

Voere Prazisionstechnik GmbH

Models with GRS Sporter:
VOERE LBW-M Integral 
VOERE LBW Match-Varmint 
VOERE LBW Light-Varmint 
VOERE LBW Heavy-Varmint 


Titan - F class X-eater 2013-2019 
& Titan 6, target with GRS Sporter

Heym AG

Heym SR21 Precision Repetierer GRS