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We can say all we like about our products but don't just take our word for it. We have thousands of customers who hunt and shoot with a GRS Riflestock, and What better proof than seeing what they have to say?

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"Check out the UpNorthAirGunners' full review of the limited edition IraqVeteran8888 FX Crown MKII in the brown GRS Rifle Stock!

This is one of the most comprehensive videos on how to use the FX Crown MKII to its fullest potential as a hunting tool. Don't miss out on the valuable insights shared in this review!" -FX Airguns:

 This is the Mauser M18 Fenris in 6.5 Creedmoor, and I have to say, I love this rifle!

-Chris Parkin Shooting Sports


TOUGH - GRS Bifrost Stock Review
Justin reviews the Bifrost stock from GRS.  See his accuracy results and that impressive buck! 




"Marrying old-world design to new-world materials creates a thing of beauty. German engineering wrapped in a synthetic 21st-century stock from Norway.

Choosing the Bifrost synthetic stock was just the ticket. The action fits like the proverbial glove after the perfunctory adjustments needed in the aftermarket world. Choosing a stock option is easy on the company’s website. Each model comes with a couple paragraphs showing versatility, function and options.

Using a Caldwell G2 chronograph and GRS rear bag with bag rider, off to the range I went. The gun’s performance was a visceral event."

Read more about the modernized Mauser M98 in this Bifrost rife stock review

"With a great combination of power and accuracy, the FX Dreamline Classic can be a fine hunting rifle. But add the GRS laminate stock option and what you have is a rifle that really stands out at the range. It will turn heads with its appearance and performance. The highly adjustable stock will help just about any shooter find a great position and maximize the rifle’s potential.

(...) With the GRS laminate stock option, the FX Dreamline Classic is designed as a great shooter that also features striking, attention-grabbing appearance. It fills that role just about perfectly."

Click here to read the review in its entirety.



"Ryan Charlton, from GRS UK distributor Highland Outdoors, is particularly keen on the GRS Hunter Light, a laminated wooden stock with some unique features. “GRS have listened to feedback from hunters across the world who wanted something slimmer, lighter and more portable – and this is it,” he says."

Full review

"Making a rifle even more functional – so that it is tailored as much as possible to our needs or expectations – is one of the aspects related to the customization of precision weapon systems for leisure/sports use, but also for professional use. GRS rifle stocks offer an easy, functional and versatile option.

Full review





"The editor details what he’s discovered after a month of testing the GRS PCP Sporter stock. It’s always nice to be proved right, but it’s far nicer to learn something useful along the way. I’m happy to state that I’ve had both of those good things going on during this follow-up test, but the downside – there’s always a downside – is, my obsession with proper gun fit has intensified beyond all shame and decency."
Read the article here

"Just when you think you've got it right, something else comes along. In this case, it was from GRS Rifle stocks in the form of their Bifrost. 

In comparison to the HMR furniture, which is quite slim, I preferred the Bifrost, as it gives more to get hold of and put your head on, the angled pistol grip and tuneable recoil pad offers that extra bit of gun fit and address and are both excellent features. I found this most noticeable when shooting. Pete Moore,

"Now I must admit when I saw the price tag I did get a little sticker shock from the GRS but I quickly figured out why it was worth every penny. Aside from being very adjustable which I will get into later the overall ergonomics of the stock is far superior to anything I have ever shot. The finish is muted and non-reflective perfect for hunting. Attaching the sling and other accessories was made simple with quick connects and accessory rails in intuitive positions on the stock. I never once felt like I wish I had something in a different position. But where the Bifrost shines is comfort. There is something about the grip and hand position that felt like the gun became an extension of me. And the texture of the stock and grips just felt like I was shooting something next level and this is before you custom fit the stock to you."

Read all about the test here

This is without doubt my favourite GRS stock; lightweight yet stiff, adjustable yet not bulky, hollow polymer build yet quiet when handled and fit/ finish worthy of any rifle, as well as all the accessories you really need supplied. -Chris Parkin

"Even though it was originally designed as a prone shooting, heavy-duty top mount bipod for the Ragnarok chassis stock, the new GRS Bipod can also serve in other types of shooting." See the press release here

Quite by chance, a friend of mine said; "Why not look at what GRS has got, as they make some good stuff. The pistol grip was scalloped out like a thumbhole, less the top strap with a thumb-up hold and offered a 6, right hand offset that, as I discovered gave probably the best firing hand/wrist position I have ever used. 




"I like the design and lines of the stock.  It fits exceptionally well in prone and improvised positions.  The rubber gripping surfaces feel great. The length of pull and cheek adjustments are among the best I have ever used on any stock or chassis system.   The GRS Berserk is one of the more expensive, and better made molded stocks I’ve encountered.  You end up with a strong, well fit and relatively light product. 

Full review



The Heym SR21 Precision Repetierer GRS is one hell of a rifle; accurate, well made and finished with one of the slickest actions I have encountered, along with a superior trigger. The GRS Sport/ Varmint stock is a design well suited to any form of longer-range use, be it target or live quarry. 

I dropped my Creedmoor into the Berserk and it went straight in and cinched down tight and even. First impressions are of a lighter and slightly handier build. GRS say it doesn’t need synthetic bedding and I would have to agree, as my rifle is still shooting ¼” with its pet load! 



Browning X Bolt GRS GRS stock review

"The GRS is a little different as it has been designed with pure ergonomics in mind. I also think it looks good too! The butt is L-shaped with the majority of the underside material removed, which gives a sort of gripping hook, useful for prone shooting. Both the butt pad and comb/cheekpiece can be altered for height/length by large, inset (Speed Lock) buttons that give 30mm of adjustment. The former has a Limb Saver rubber recoil pad fitted.

But there’s more, as the pistol grip is a large scalloped shape that is offset 6° to the right to give a comfortable and non-stressed hand/arm position. It feels a bit like a thumbhole but without the top strap. The forend is wide and slightly tapered and offers a decent free-float for just about any barrel profiled."