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Title_ why are our riflestocks so special

Title_ why are our riflestocks so special





Weapon stocks are the human side of weapons - they should adapt to human's needs. A dangerous rifle that is about to shoot deadly bullets at very high explosive speeds should not be difficult to handle in any way and in all conditions. When the use of a rifle requires precision (which it is pretty much in all conditions) one should pay attention to the variables that affect that precision: can you hold the rifle securely, without slipping? Do you have to adapt your body, or your stance, to the rifle, or does it adapt to you? Does the rifle accept naturally all the peripheral items that you need in order to make your shooting easier and more precise? Is it rugged enough to withstand the use? GRS stocks are rugged, designed to human specs, with functionality and precision in mind.






Ergonomics deals with the application of physiological principles to the engineering and design of a product. In GRS we looked at the human act of shooting in different positions, and started from that fundamental point to develop our stocks in ways that would accommodate human physiology. When you lay your shooting arm on a flat surface, you will notice that your hand will be naturally angled  - we used that 6º angle as starting point to develop the shape and angle of our GRS grip.








We've designed our stocks (as our accessories) with the key fundamentals of design in mind: add all functionalities possible, simplify them to "as unbreakable as possible" status, destill that to the point of beauty. We've included naturally 6º tilted grips on all models that do not require ambidextrous use as specification - and therefore sell them in left-hand or right-hand forms. All GRS models include one-click tool-less adjustment of fundamentals like Length of Pull or Cheek-piece height - except for our entry level Hunter Light, which includes one-click Cheek-piece adjustment but whose Lenght of Pull should be adapted to your needs via factory installed spacers). This design is then translated via the best birch laminates or fiberglass composites into the most beautiful form possible, hugging your barrel and your action as a second-skin.





Photo of GRS Hunter Light by Waterfall
Photo of GRS Hunter Light by Waterfall
Photo of GRS Hunter Light by Waterfall





In Norway we pride ourselves for our millennia of adaptation to the harshest conditions on Earth. Experiencing a nordic winter storm on the rocky cliffs of our fjords will definitely leave you praising the quality of the tools you may be using. We've used our own experience in Norway's harsh nature when developing all things GRS: focused on ultimate rugged and functional quality, designed for human use, under the harshest conditions. That philosophy can only be scaled up to market with a key focus on quality-control - if we design a GRS stock to those standards, we need to be sure that all GRS stocks that leave our Norwegian factory will replicate those exact same standards. GRS's focus on Quality-Control is your assurance that the stock you get lives up to your highest expectations.