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About GRS

At Grodås, a small town in Hornindal, Norway, the history of GRS began. It has grown to become an internationally recognized brand for innovation and new thinking in the shooting and hunting industry.  It is a development characterized by curiosity, drive, and entrepreneurship. Read more about how we make what we believe are the best rifle stocks on the market, and why they make you a better shooter.


The company Grodås Møbler AS (Grodås furniture AS) was started in 1983 by Oddvin and Anne-Lise Haugen (Håvard and Oscar’s parents) in the basement of their house. The business grew so rapidly that in 1985 they had to invest in a separate factory building. The company became well known for its high-quality products. Oddvin Haugen's passion and the company's smart and effective solutions became Grodås Møbler AS's business model. Both Håvard and Oscar - their older children - worked in the factory almost every day after-school, where they were taught young entrepreneurs' fundamental skills. Oddvin's passion was passed onto the next generation.

Photo of founders, Oscar Haugen and Havard Haugen
Photo of founders, Oscar Haugen and Havard Haugen
Photo of founders, Oscar Haugen and Havard Haugen


Both Håvard and Oscar shared an early passion for shooting and hunting. Håvard bought his first guns and ammo magazine in 1985 – when he was just 11 years old. Both brothers read eagerly about weapons and developed a focused interest in the weapons industry. To this day, Oscar remains a passionate hunter, shooter, and fisher, while Håvard tends to prefer shooting.  "He was never bitten by the big game of hunting that afflicts me," says Oscar with a grin.

After graduating from college, Håvard started working in the family company and - in the late 1990's - started to work with CNC programming and machining. The newer CNC technology was a game-changer in the industry, opening up nearly limitless possibilities.

Håvard’s ability to take an idea and convert it into a marketable product is overwhelming. "He surprises me again and again," says Oscar. "When challenged, he always delivers the best solutions I have ever seen." This uniqueness of the symbiosis between Håvard’s brilliant capacity for R&D and execution and Oscar’s field experience and business sense became the new GRS business model.


After graduating in 1997, Oscar worked away from the company for a couple of years and was called into the Norwegian Army in 2000  for the one-year mandatory national service. Oscar was enrolled in a specialist branch of the Norwegian National Guard just two days after ending his mandatory service, working - for 3 years - as an instructor of National Guard's Sharpshooters; he served as a QRF Sharpshooter Team Leader for 7 years, ending his contract in 2010. (Oscar remains active in the National Guard, with the rank of Company First Sergeant.) In March 2010, Oscar was nominated CEO and part-owner of the family's company, while Håvard took over the majority of the shares, with the first-generation owners keeping a minor share position. As with many other businesses during the financial crisis of 2008, we can summarize the period between 2008 and 2010 in two words: damage control. The Norwegian furniture market suffered a complete crash during this financial crisis, and we had to find ways to turn difficulties into opportunities.


GRS owned the CNC machines, and our workers were ready to help. We decided that we would launch our first rifle stock. The company was established as a trademark in 2011. "We took what we had - field shooting experience and expertise in CNC machining - along with a good handful of guts, and we never looked back ever since. We can say that we carved success through hard work, lots of traveling, taking on personal debt to keep the company alive, and the effort paid off. The company grew.
Both the industry and our customers recognized our stocks for what they were: rifle stocks with functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics that improved their shooting.

As the word quickly spread thanks to the international web forums, social media, and a growing client base, soon we were shipping to every corner of the world. "We worked day and night to establish our distribution network, and we are now represented in 45 countries around the world. Our brand is globally recognized as an innovative premium brand. We still work day and night to keep that position." Oscar travels more than ever, constantly visiting our distributors and follow-up on new leads.

GRS presently has 16 employees: 15 in Hornindal and one in South Carolina. The growth has been excellent. "I smile every day knowing more and more hunters and shooters get to know us. GRS makes people shoot more accurately because the rifles fit them better -- what more could we ask for?"

"Much more to come," says Oscar while looking at Håvard, who grins and adds, "You ain't seen nothing yet!".


From the very beginning, we at GRS decided that our rifle stocks should be added adjustability to their ergonomics and that this adjustability should be activated in the simplest way possible - the GRS "click." 


we developed the Speedlock system for our first models - it is silent, easy to use, and precise. Press one button to change your Length of Pull as you need, and the other button to change the height of your cheekpiece with one push, one adjustment.

The adjustments are instant and simple, with no need for any tools.


The patented Speedlock system was born in 2018. As our portfolio progressed, it became clear that we could make good use of a system that could be accessed from both sides of the stock.

With your right or left hand, and that would be even more robust in extreme conditions - may it be from the instant forces of the recoil on larger caliber rifles
and hunting and shooting in extreme weather and wet conditions.

Our Speedlock 2 system is presently installed on all our Bifrost, Warg, and
Ragnarok stocks.



Weapon stocks are the human side of weapons - they should adapt to human needs. A rifle that is about to shoot deadly bullets at very high explosive speeds should not be difficult to handle in any way and all conditions. Using a rifle requires precision (which is pretty much in all conditions). One should pay attention to the variables that affect precision: can you hold the rifle securely without slipping? Do you have to adapt your body, or your stance, to the rifle, or does it adapt to you? Does the rifle naturally accept all the peripheral items you need to make your shooting easier and more precise? Is it rugged enough to withstand use? GRS stocks are rugged, designed to human specs, with functionality and precision in mind.



Ergonomics deals with the application of physiological principles to the engineering and design of a product. In GRS, we looked at the human act of shooting in different positions and started from that fundamental point to develop our stocks in ways that would accommodate human physiology. When you lay your shooting arm on a flat surface, you will notice that your hand will be naturally angled  - we used that 6º angle as starting point to develop the shape and angle of our GRS grip.



We've designed our stocks (as our accessories) with the key fundamentals of design in mind: add all functionalities possible, simplify them to "as unbreakable
as possible" status, distill that to the point of beauty. We've included naturally 6º tilted grips on all models that do not require ambidextrous use as a specification
and therefore sell them in left-hand or right-hand forms. All GRS models include one-click tool-less adjustment of fundamentals like Length of Pull or Cheek-piece height - except for our entry-level Hunter Light, which includes one-click
Cheek-piece adjustment but whose Lenght of Pull should be adapted to your
needs via factory-installed spacers). This design is then translated via the best
birch laminates or fiberglass composites into the most beautiful form possible,
hugging your barrel and your action as a second-skin.



One of the very few countries where cows meet wolves, and sheep meet bears. The weather is unforgiving, and nature is beautiful but will kill you if you have the wrong clothes, or the wrong tools.
We use the insights we collected from our years in Norwegian nature to develop all our shooting tools, as we do in the choosing of all our daily life's tools.
GRS's headquarters and factory lie uphill from Grodås, uphill into the wild.
The Hornindal lake we see from our windows is the deepest in Europe and is one stone's throw away from the Nordfjord, where the Vikings ruled with their mighty ships back in the days.
The hills are teeming with deer and the rivers with salmon - it's protein land as much as it is forest land.
We hunt in all seasons and fish on most. We have in our minds that good quality will take you there and back, and poor quality may take you there but won't bring you back.



We have the perfect conditions for testing and developing the products you find on our portfolio. Our hunting grounds start literally at our front doors.
Our testing areas are 10 minutes away from the factory. The shooting range is available during the summer and autumn months, and we can shoot from 100m -2000 meters, along with 45% inclined shots out to 600 meters. Truly a shooter's paradise! Research and development are instantly followed by testing, and when the results follow our expectations, we move into production and launch.