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Tests & Reviews

We can say all we like about our products but don't just take our word for it. We have thousands of customers who hunt and shoot with a GRS Riflestock ...

The GRS ambassadors team

One of our earlier sources of motivation was to see that as our work progressed, very interesting people rose and became natural GRS ambassadors. 

GRS History

See the brand's development, progression through all models, partners, and more, from the beginning in 2010 until today

About GRS

At Grodås, a small town in Hornindal, Norway, the history of GRS began. It has grown to become an internationally recognized brand for innovation and ...

Comparison chart

Compare and contrast the various rifle stock models.

What it takes to begin long-range shooting

Let’s discuss how to put together a good hunting and shooting setup right off the bat.

Blog post. US Hunting part two.

You will learn how it went when Chris and I hunted for velvet Whitetail in Michigan