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The importance of a gun fit.

A well-fitting stock can greatly improve your shooting experience. Here are some important things to consider about rifle stock fit:

Tests & Reviews

We can say all we like about our products but don't just take our word for it. We have thousands of customers who hunt and shoot with a GRS Riflestock ...

Laminate vs. Synthetic Rifle Stocks: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to shooting a rifle, having the right equipment is crucial to your success. One of the most important components of any rifle is the sto ...

The GRS ambassadors team

One of our earlier sources of motivation was to see that as our work progressed, very interesting people rose and became natural GRS ambassadors. 

Shoot straight with a bipod.

A bipod is a fantastic tool that can take shooting to new heights, but it presupposes that you can use the bipod correctly.

GRS History

See the brand's development, progression through all models, partners, and more, from the beginning in 2010 until today

GRS Riflestocks: The Ultimate Choice for Shooters

If you're a precision shooter, you know the importance of having a comfortable, accurate, and reliable rifle. That's where GRS Riflestocks comes in. W ...

About GRS

At Grodås, a small town in Hornindal, Norway, the history of GRS began. It has grown to become an internationally recognized brand for innovation and ...

The Evolution of Rifle Stock Materials

From Wood to Modern Composites. For centuries, the rifle stock has been an essential component of firearms. It provides a secure grip and a stable pla ...

Comparison chart

Compare and contrast the various rifle stock models.

Key Features and Benefits of GRS Riflestocks

GRS Riflestocks produces high-quality rifle stocks for hunters, long-range shooters, and precision rifle enthusiasts. Our range of rifle stocks offers ...