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Thank you for reaching out to GRS Riflestocks. We appreciate your interest in our products and services. to ensure your inquiry receives the most efficient and accurate attention, we request that you direct any product availability, technical-related matters, and support requests to the respective dealer or distributor in your country. 

Click here to find the dealer locator

They are well-versed in our products and equipped with knowledge and resources to address your needs. They are committed to providing you with assistance, whether it is troubleshooting, technical issues, arranging service appointments, or offering support for our products. 

This link provides the models and inlets we currently offer. 

If you cannot find the desired model, the product will either require adaption, or we can deliver a non-inlet laminate stock to be milled out by a gunsmith. These blanks stocks are not available in composite. Please talk to your local gunsmith to verify it will fit your rifle, or local dealer if you have any questions or require assistance. Note that glass bedding is necessary.

If you encounter difficulties in obtaining assistance from your dealer or distributor, you can contact us by filling out this form. We do our best to ensure your concerns are addressed appropriately. 

By adhering to this process, we aim to provide you with the most efficient support possible.