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GRS Riflestocks has a wide range of rifle stocks for hunting, competition and long range. The people at GRS Riflestocks are active shooters and we leverage fully that experience when developing our products. Our goal is to develop the ultimate rifle stocks that help you become a better shooter. It´s all in the details, and our stocks are known for their market leading ergonomics. The next time you hold a GRS rifle stock in your hands, you will know immediately what we mean.


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CZ 452 and CZ 455, the affordable workhorse

Everone has heard about the CZ rimfire rifles, many of you have them, this is why we like them so much.

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GRS Ancshutz rifle

We Love 22 LR and 17 HMR rifles! Our top pics :)

GRS make stocks for several rimfire rifles and we see the volume of stocks increasing, why is this so popular?

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GRS Merchandise

Earlier this year we launched the beginning of our GRS merchandise program and we have already released a few great products. Here's a chance to catch up on our fabulous stuff released so far:

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We came across this brand and ordered some stocks, and it turns out to be a brilliant product
— Paul Brent, National Sales Manager at NIOA

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eposted from @jegerbloggen - This weekends driven hunt was a blast! And I must say the Zeiss V8 1.8-14 did a great job. 36mm tube and x1.8 zoom was really great. And that makes me keep my opinion on the V8 as a great allround scope! Zeiss

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elcome to the new GRS Homepage! We have reworked the entire homepage, made it easier for you to find the product that matches your rifle and shooting category, and to find your nearest dealer. New content, more videos are added along with m

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eposted from @deutscher_jagdblog - 🇩🇪 Das Bild einfach mal wirken lassen!😌Weidmannsheil Toni!🌿 • • 🇺🇸 Just let the picture take effect!😌 Weidmannsheil Toni!🌿 —————————————————————————— #jagd #jäger #keiler #hirsch #rotwild #rehwild #drückja

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Reposted from @vildmarken - Vi har testat nya GRS Bifrost! Läs vår nya tidning på 🙌 - #regrann

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