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Why Being Outdoors May Be the Safest Place to Be

By being careful and wise we will overcome these challenging times - ~here's a little word from us to help you go on with your shooting life safely.

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Long distance precision shooting with GRS


Accuracy may happen by luck, but consistency comes from of hard work with the right tools. Here's how can you build up both, using our GRS Riflestocks.

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PHYSIOLOGY OF HUNTING - what happens to your body when you hunt, and why it matters

Why do we hunt? Our perspective on the matter.

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eposted from @jpr.esq How’s this for a stunner!! X bolt pro with GRS stock, comfort and steadiness guaranteed. I’d love to stretch the legs on this again! . #longrangeshooting #30-06 #browningeurope #slovenia🇸🇮 #grsstocks #kiteopticshunting

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Reposted from @element_optics Any new Nexus owners out there?🙋🏼‍♂️ Anybody with an Element scope on their wishlist? What rifle do you plan to mount it on? #seeitsendit #outdoors #hunting - #regrann

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Wanna Know Things About Our Warg? Check our YouTube Channel now! . . . . . #grsriflestocks #warg #shooting #hunter #hunting #riflestocks #rifle #precisionrifle #longrangeshooting #longrangerifle #outdoorsman #outdoors

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Get out there to shoot and hunt! The safest place to be is outside alone in the woods! @blaser_official @nightforce_optics @eberlestock @missioncriticaldesigns @brynjeofnorway

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