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GRS Riflestocks has a wide range of rifle stocks for hunting, competition and long range. The people at GRS Riflestocks are active shooters and we leverage fully that experience when developing our products. Our goal is to develop the ultimate rifle stocks that help you become a better shooter. It´s all in the details, and our stocks are known for their market leading ergonomics. The next time you hold a GRS rifle stock in your hands, you will know immediately what we mean. We make our rifle stocks to fit a wide range of inlets to fit your needs.

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GRS Ragnarok is here

The GRS Ragnarok is a chassis stock made for the long range shooters, the shooters who uses front mounted Night vision/ thermal imaging equipment or top mounted bipods.

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GRS Warg has arrived

The GRS Warg is a stock made for the long range shooter - the shooters who use front mounted Night vision / thermal imaging equipment or top mounted bipods.

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Warg is coming

Warg is coming......

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We came across this brand and ordered some stocks, and it turns out to be a brilliant product
— Paul Brent, National Sales Manager at NIOA

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Meet Warg! Share with your friends!!

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We welcome Ragnarok!! Share with your friends!!

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Warg is coming!

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