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Shoot straight with a bipod.

A bipod is a fantastic tool that can take shooting to new heights, but it presupposes that you can use the bipod correctly.

A common denominator for all prone shooting is to learn a good starting position where you can keep your sights in the center of the bullseye in a relaxed way. You will benefit from a well-adapted rifle stock, where a high enough cheekpiece is the most important thing to get a stable, repeatable firing position. 

It helps if you have the recoil pad resting in the pit between the shoulder and the collarbone, with a slight pressure forward to the bipod. Doing this ensures good and even recoil absorption. If you experience that the bipod "jumps" or slips out to the side, you must do something about the shooting position or the rifle.

Most often, it's due to a problem with the recoil intake. Either because you meet the shot with the shoulder or have poor contact with the butt. Another common mistake is that the shoulder's recoil pad is adjusted too low. Adjustable LOP and height adjustable and canting recoil pads simplify this challenge without changing the shooting position.


The Ultimate Long-Range Shooting Accessory.

Discover the GRS bipod, a revolutionary product designed specifically for long-range shooting, and a must-have accessory for any serious precision shooter.

One of the standout features of the GRS bipod is its versatile design. You can adjust the feet with a simple flip to suit your shooting needs. Whether you're shooting off a bench and prefer stability or seeking a secure grip in the dirt with aggressive spikes, this bipod has got you covered. You can properly load your bipod for maximum accuracy and control.

We exclusively use the GRS bipod on our GRS Warg and GRS Ragnarok stocks, employing a top-mounted configuration. Unlike standard bipods mounted underneath, which create a pivot point during recoil, these bipods transfer recoil straight back. This unique mechanism allows for easier spotting of your own impacts, enhancing your shooting performance. Additionally, the GRS bipod offers effortless adjustability. You can easily make height adjustments while staying behind the gun, ensuring a seamless shooting experience with spring-operated adjustments in length adjustment and lockable side tilt provide the versatility of the bipod for different shooting surfaces and positions.


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