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?: Which models come with the New GRS Adjustment System, Speedlock 2?

The GRS models Berserk, Hunter and Sporter received a new and updated GRS SpeedLock system from March 2017 on. This new adjustment system locks on a maximum LOP of 30 mm.

The GRS models Bolthorn, X-Eater and Hybrid will continue as before, and will not be updated. This previous adjustment system has a 28 mm maximum LOP.

?: What is birch laminate wood?

Birch laminate wood is composed of thin layers of Birch glued together to create a block. The blocks we use in GRS have 65 layers of birch laminate, colored, dyed and glued together.

The color combinations on our stocks come from putting together different colors, gluing them together for different patterns.

Laminate is a very stable material, when compared to normal hardwood. The glue component on each face of the laminate layer keeps it form moving. In a normal hardwood stock, all the fibers in the stock are oriented the same way. This means that wood is proportionally more affected by temperature and moisture than birch laminate. This increased stability of the material will affect its final stability.

Birch laminate stocks are chosen by competition shooters world wide.

Colour nuances will vary, which will give your stock a signature look.

?: What is the maximum caliber for the adjustable GRS stocks?

The adjustment system handles recoil up to and including a standard load 375H&H.

(300 grain bullet travelling at 2500F/S / 762M/S) or similar energy and performance.

You need to use a silencer or muzzle break when shooting cal. .338 LAPUA.

And remember, when shooting these calibers you must ALWAYS GLASS BED YOUR RIFLE.

?: How to maintain the finish on the birch laminate stocks?

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to maintain your GRS Laminate Riflestock.

Or watch this video on the best procedure to apply the oil.

?: How do I mount the stock to my rifle?

Please read the instructions below, if you are unsure, or not capable to do the installation, please get help from your GRS dealer.

This installation is described for a standard bolt action rifle. (Tikka T3, Sako 85/75, Remington 700, Howa 1500)

Make sure the rifle is unloaded, remove the bolt from the rifle.

Loosen and remove the action screw behind the trigger guard and the front action screw.

Remove the bottom metal.

Take the barreled action out of the original stock.

Place the barreled action in the GRS stock, on the Tikka and Sako models, make sure the bedding block find its place in the slot underneath the action. If it does not you will see the action and barrel is not parallel to the stock and barrel channel

Put the bottom metal in the GRS stock, make sure the magazine well (Remington, Howa models) is correctly placed in the bottom metal.

Insert the front and rear action screw and tighten loosely.

Tighten the front screw to: GRS Bifrost: 5.2nm // GRS Berserk: 5nm  // GRS Laminate: 3-3.5nm

Tighten the rear screw to:

GRS Bifrost: 5.2nm

GRS Berserk: 5nm

GRS Laminate: 3-3.5nm

Inspect the action and barrel in the stock, does it look parallel? Does the hinged bottom metal work as it should? If you find any irregularities check if the magazine well is correctly placed in the bottom metal.

Put the bolt in the rifle, make sure the rifle is not loaded. Cycle the bolt, dry fire.

Check if the safety operates as it should.

You have now installed the GRS stock! Now go to the range, re zero your rifle, the point of impact will shift because of the different recoil absorbtion.

A little unsure how to mount the BIFROST? Watch this step-by-step video.


?: Do GRS laminate stocks need glass bedding?

GRS recommends to glass bed all our laminate rifles stocks. The inlet is precisely made with CNC machines, and most models are drop-in but we recommend glass bedding none the less.

In our experience you will get better accuracy by glass bedding the action to the stock, therefore we recommend to do so. Eliminating any possibility of bad accuracy is the name of the game.


- Schultz & Larsen

- Røssler Titan 6

- Sauer 100

- Blaser R8 PROFESSIONAL (the max cartridge this is made for is the 338 Blaser magnum)


- All rifles in magnum calibers

The top three inlets are made to fit the original pillar bedding blocks. These are not provided by GRS, so you need to get a new pair from your local distributor, or use the ones that are in the original stock. The Blaser R8 and R93 stocks are made for the "professional" inlets (not the two-piece). These need to be glass bedded in the rear of the action where recoil is absorbed.

IMPORTANT: If the above-mentioned stocks are not glass bedded warranty is not valid.

- ALL rifles in magnum calibers (7mm Remington magnum, 300 and 338 winchester magnum, 375 H&H and cartridges with similar recoil) ALWAYS needs bedding. This is to ensure a tight fit to the stock, helping recoil absorbtion. Magnum rifles have a higher risk of damaging the stock if not bedded than standard cartridges. This is due to the high energy in the recoil. If the stocks are glass bedded there are no problems shooting these calibers.

Any questions, please ask your local GRS dealer.

?: Can GRS make inlets for any rifle?

GRS manufactures 6 different models of GRS laminate rifle stocks for 35 different inlets and in 8 different colours, some of these in LH execution as well. We have concentrated on the rifles that are most used in the market. We are often asked if we can make for any rifles but I'm afraid we cannot do so.

However, we have a solution. We manufacture "blanks" in all our laminate models. Blanks are stocks that are not fitted for action and barrels, but are otherwise finished.This means you can buy this stock and have a gunsmith do the inletting for you.

You will find images of the blank stocks under the different models in the main menu - Rifle stocks.