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The GRS unwavering commitment to your satisfaction is several steps above and beyond our standard product's warranty.

We know our products are our identity - thus, you can count on GRS's promise to create, produce and market rifle stocks, accessories, and merchandise that take into account our positive attitude towards our community, towards the environment, towards our workers, and towards the whole market, wherever it may be in the planet.



All our stocks were developed and produced to have a Nordic tool's ruggedness and we follow-up our high-quality production with proverbial Nordic quality control. GRS's stocks are hand-produced in our factory in Norway, and each stock's quality is tested in-house by a GRS worker - that's the signature you will see on the label inside the box.



For all the geographical idiosyncrasies of being so far up North and away from urban centers, Norway is fully into the 21st century. We develop all our products in the most sustainable way granted by state-of-the-art processes so that we may continue to deliver products you may want
as far into the future as possible. GRS is focused on the local community that is simultaneously our heritage and our future. And as we spread out into the world and our customers' hands, we
take care of the project and prolong those values into the market. We know that as all the big journeys start at one's doorstep, all big actions start at one's arm's length.




Sustainability is a keyword that has long-reaching values. We use birch-laminate because of its resilience and because procuring natural woods in a global world became an endeavor riddled with question marks about long-term value versus ... sustainability. Our awareness of production processes, which spans several generations, dictates that we use high-quality composites that will last longer, and therefore offset, issues with production by-products. And we are constantly looking for new ways to better the sustainability equation - that is one of the key fundamental aspects of reaching out to the global market while still keeping ourselves fully grounded in the community where we live.


Photo of Hornindal Lake, detail
Photo of Hornindal Lake, detail
Photo of Hornindal Lake, detail