GRS Berserk

Crafted from glass fiber reinforced material, GRS Berserk is a long-lasting product that you can enjoy for many, many years. A rubber grip keeps your hand steady in rainy weather - and with an angle of six percent, your hand is in its best, most relaxed position. With our smart SpeedLock 2.0 system too you can adjust the length and cheek piece of the stock. This makes it even easier to find a perfect shooting position and withstand the recoil generated by the heaviest calibers.

GRS Berserk is made by shooters - for shooters.

GRS Berserk is perfect for: hardcore hunters.

GRS Berserk - GRS Riflestocks
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  • Fiberglass reinforced composite material.
  • Black colour and in right hand configuration only.
  • OP 33.5- 36.5 cm. LOP, 30mm adjustment on cheek piece height.
  • The surface under the rear stock has been lengthened so it will work better with the use of rear bags during prone shooting with bipods.
  • Grip and forend has rubber grip surfaces for better friction in wet conditions.
  • The stocks have pillar bedding in them as a standard.
  • Flush cup sling mounts and push button sling loops included.
  • They have one sling mount on the front stock for mounting bipods.
  • Weight is 1.4 kg in the Tikka T3 inlet.
  • The height adjustable recoilpad can be mounted as optional extra feature.

Extra options available

  • 1” Limbsaver recoil pad
  • Height adjustable recoil pad extra option
GRS Berserk - GRS Riflestocks

GRS Berserk - Product presentation

Introducing the GRS Berserk from GRS Riflestocks

GRS Berserk stock feature presentation

This video shows and explains all the features of the GRS Berserk.

GRS Berserk - With our SpeedLock 2.0 system

GRS Berserk, the synthetic stock from GRS


GRS Ambassador Elisabeth Idland

Elisabeth Idland


We started working with Elisabeth in 2018, she is mainly hunting in Norway and is very active on social media.

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GRS Riflestocks ambassador - Janne Svihus

Janne Svihus


Janne Svihus was one of the GRS ambassadors we started working with in 2016. She hunts so much she is making the GRS team jealous.

Read more about Janne Svihus


The warranty period applies for two (2) years from the date of purchase of the product.

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The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. There will be exclusions to the warranty where a defect is caused by misuse, maintenance neglect, tampering, or unauthorised repair of the product.

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