GRS Hybrid

Many years of military long-distance shooting experience lie behind the development of this rifle stock.

It is crucial to eliminate any inconsistency in your shooting position and recoil handling when you begin to shoot long-range.

Push-button adjustments on the cheek-piece, length of pull, and height of the recoil pad make you able to adapt to any shooting position in seconds. The ergonomic grip on this stock makes your hand relax in a natural position whole shooting while giving you full control at the same time.

The devil is in the details they say, so we added some other great features on this stock as well.

The rear stock has a long surface made for shooting with beanbags. The surface slides effortlessly over the rear bag during recoil.
Our forend on this model is longer than our other GRS stocks, which makes the balance great while shooting with Bipods.

When the length between where the rear bag is located and where the point of the bipod is mounted are further apart, a movement of the rear stock will move the point of aim as much on the target than if these surfaces are closer together. That is why we designed it this way.

This stock is the choice of the Team Savage South Africa for the competitions they run down there.

Compared to other GRS models, the Hybrid receives a GRS rating of Heavy-Weight, 6/10 in Ruggedness and 8/10 in Adjustability.

GRS Hybrid is perfect on long-range rifles for prone shooting.


Colours available:
GRS Hybrid - GRS Riflestocks
GRS Hybrid - GRS Riflestocks
GRS Hybrid - GRS Riflestocks
GRS Hybrid - GRS Riflestocks
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  • Oiled finish
  • 0.5" limbsaver/GRS recoil pad
  • Birch Laminate
  • SpeedLock adjustment
  • Length of Pull : 13.78 in - 14.88 in (35-37.8 cm)
  • Total length : 34.8 in (88.5 cm)
  • Forend width 2.32 in (59 mm)
  • Length of Pull and cheek-piece adjustment : 1.1 in (28 mm)
  • Height adjustable recoil pad included
  • Weight : 3.537 lb (1.6 kg) (+/- 10% depending on weapon inlet)
  • Glass bedding recommended
  • Same price for Left-hand and Right-hand stocks
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Bull barrel contour

Extra options available

Optimized for shooting prone

Many years of military long-distance shooting experience lies behind the development of this rifle stock. GRS Hybrid has what it takes to develop your prone shooting.

GRS Hybrid - Product presentation

Introducing the GRS Hybrid from GRS Riflestocks

Benefits of the GRS rifle stocks

This video explains the benefits and features of the GRS riflestocks.


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